FAQs - OkCaramel

Some of the frequently asked questions about our Amazing Instant Flavored and Ground Coffee. Know more about our quality service and customer support.
Q. What locations do we ship to? A. We ship coffee and coffee merchandise all over India. As of now we are shipping within India, but will soon be shipping globally.
Q. How long will my Delivery take? A. Orders are dispatched within the next 2 working days of placing your order – Freshest lot of coffee is picked for shipping.
Q. How long will it take to receive my order? A. Most orders are delivered within 3 to 5 working days from the date of dispatch. Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the shipping address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order.
Q. Do you sell coffee beans? Or coffee powder? Is it instant coffee? A. We do not sell coffee beans currently. We sell both, instant and ground coffee powder. The coffee type is indicated on the pack, and the order page.
Q. What does OkCaramel stand for? A. OkCaramel is a brand looking to make the coffee drinking experience fun filled and a memorable one. OkCaramel brings to you a refreshing, creative and enjoyable coffee drinking experience, filled with positivity and quirky moments. We bring to you this experience through our amazing coffee merchandise and great coffee.
Q. How to use the coffee powder? A. If you have purchased instant coffee powder, you can use it directly along with water or milk, pour in a spoon or two (suiting you taste) and stir to make a great cup of coffee. Ground coffee powder needs a little more work on making a great cup of coffee, but is absolutely worth it. You would need a brewing equipment that you like, like a French press, pour over, coffee machine or even a coffee bag. The coffee powder needs to release its flavour into the water, this can be done by increasing the time it is left in the water, heating the water or increasing the pressure. You then filter out the coffee power from the water. Do not directly mix ground coffee powder in the water or milk and consume. We have a detailed blog on ground coffee powder brewing.
Q. Is it vegan friendly? A. All our coffee is vegan friendly. Use it with water or vegan milk options.
Q. Can I use this coffee during a keto diet? A. Totally, coffee does not have calories and is carb free and is safe for keto diet. In fact coffee can boost metabolism, aiding in keto diet.
Q. How many cups of coffee will one ground coffee pack make? A. For one cup of ground coffee, you need 10 to 12 gms of coffee. A 200gm pack of ground coffee will make 16 to 20 cups of coffee. The calculation is different for instant coffee.
Q. How many cups of coffee will one Instant coffee pack make? A. For one cup of instant coffee, you need 1 to 2 teaspoons of coffee. 1 teaspoon weighs 2gm, a 50-gm pack of instant coffee will make between 20 to 25 cups of coffee.
Q. What quality coffee do you use? A. We use some of the best quality of graded coffee available in India for our Ground coffee powders. We use plantation grade dry processed coffee and cherry grade wet processed coffee. In dry processing the coffee cherry is dried in the sun, the husk and outer layers of the bean are removed before they are taken for grinding. In wet processing the coffee cherries are first skinned through a pulper and undergo fermentation. They are later washed and then continue to be processed similar to dry process coffee.
Q. What is chicory? A. Chicory is plant from the dandelion family, which is mixed with coffee to help improve the richness and taste of the coffee. The root of the plant is dried, baked and then ground to a powder, it is then blended in with coffee. The percentage of chicory would be indicated if any on the product and in description. Pure chicory can also be brewed into a beverage and then mixed with light amounts of coffee, to reduce the effects of caffeine. Chicory also helps improve the digestive health.
Q. How should I store my coffee? A. It is advised to store the coffee powder in an air tight container once opened. Keep it away from moisture. Do not store coffee powder in a refrigerator as condensation from cooling can spoil the coffee. It is recommended to buy coffee every two weeks and not to buy in bulk.
Q. Ground coffee v/s Instant coffee! How do I choose? A. Both of these coffees serve very different purposes and have very different properties. Choosing the right kind to suit you can be a task. While most people are faithful to only one of those, we feel both can be used, depending on the purpose and need. Ground coffee needs to be brewed and involves a bit of a process, so it may not be the coffee of choice if you want to whip up a cup quickly. Ground coffee on the other hand retains a lot of the natural coffee properties, and hence you will get more of the goodness of the coffee in every cup. Based on differences in grinds, blends and roasts you can notice variations in cup of ground coffee. This kind of coffee is usually the one used by more “serious” coffee drinkers (but this need not be the case) it can be just as fun. Ground coffee is the one used by cafes to prepare their coffee, which is why café coffee tastes so much better and different. Instant coffee is quick to prepare, you can pour in a teaspoon or two in water or milk and your coffee is ready. Instant coffee can have infused flavours, like chocolate, vanilla, caramel etc. Flavoured instant coffee is a great way to add “fun” to your coffee drinking experience.
Q. Does it matter where coffee is sourced from? A. Coffee is a very arrogant fruit. It grows in a very thin range of geographical and climatic conditions. And the variations in this geographic and climatic conditions can wary the effect it has on the taste of coffee a lot. The rainfall, temperatures, humidity etc effect the cup of coffee you get. While this taste is subjective and some people may find it hard to differentiate, you may find certain coffee powder that really suits your palette, once you find a coffee source like that, usually stick to it, to ensure you get the same taste of coffee every single time.