About Us

Hello, Coffee lover !!
In search of the perfect cup of coffee, we brewed a company !!  
 OkCaramel is a fun, creative, cheerful beverage company & we are here to elevate your coffee drinking experience ! 
We strongly believe in keeping things colourful, flavourful & fun. 
Above all we love coffee! OkCaramel is the materialisation of hours spent
with coffee.
It has added a magical flavour to every occasion & we are here to share that flavour with the world.
OkCaramel came to life through these very steps, while the idea struck like lightening while drinking a cup of coffee.
Bringing it to life was a whole different story and an experience of lifetime, like the slow growth of a plant, from a seedling to a fruit bearing plant that you see here.
With all that said, what we strive to ensure is,
The coffee we sell is the coffee that we like to drink,
the experience we provide you is the experience we would like to have;
we hope you would enjoy it too.
We are always up for a beautiful cup of coffee & a great conversation !! 
If you would like to connect with us, please reach out on
Let's create coffee moments together !! 
Team, OkCaramel