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Dalgona: The Coffee Lover’s Paradise!


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There wasn’t a single person during the lockdown who had not tried out this famous Dalgona coffee. Simply known as the whipped coffee, but Instagram wouldn’t agree to that name. How to make dalgona coffee ? With a cup of cold milk, some ice, the whipped coffee on top, and aesthetic backdrops for pictures, Dalgona was the only word suitable here! 

Lockdown was a stressful time for everyone, and in some way or the other people tried to make the best of it. Be it trying out new trends, or being the absolute foodies. The Dalgona coffee came as one of them. Some coffee lover somewhere brought the recipe out to the world, showed how to make it in the easiest way, and people were already busy! 

Made with three simple ingredients, instant coffee, sugar, and milk, the craze of Dalgona coffee grew with each coming day. From children to parents to celebrities all became busy working their forearms for the perfect froth and the flavor. Oh! Like the sweet taste of victory, having a sip of the freshly made Dalgona coffee felt like heaven, like all the hard work was paid off! 

Even today, if you make a cup of Dalgona coffee, the entire family will sit down with the memories of it, sipping on the deliciousness. 

Many a question have come up, where exactly did the Dalgona coffee come from & how to make Dalgona coffee ? Who made it for the first time and so many more. While many of you might have dug up information on different recipes of the Dalgona coffee, here is a quick recap to the original or as one may like to call it, the OG Dalgona coffee. 

This coffee was made popular by Korean YouTubers. Dalgona also shares its name with a very popular Korean honeycomb candy. In January, Korean actor Jung II Woo, on his adventures to Macau tried a local famous coffee in a small shop, it was the whipped coffee. 

The coffee resembled the taste of sweet sugar candy, and hence it came to be called the Dalgona coffee! This footage of the Korean actor trying the coffee and of the vendor making it was released online roughly in February, and that is when the famous Dalgona coffee trend picked up! People were soon to be found in their kitchens gathering pantry ingredients and social media. 

We all know how much of a big phenomenon this coffee has become today. As it became more and more viral, owing to the social media and everyone’s urge to post it there. Over a period of time, there came to be various versions of the Dalgona coffee. It has no more remained just some internet-inspired trend but has grown more than that. 

But, how to make a perfect Dalgona Coffee ? 

Trend or not, coffee lovers around the world are always looking for something exciting to do with their coffee. Different kinds of preparations, different flavours, are just some of the things that get them excited. In this ode to the famous Dalgona coffee, here are a few tips to keep in mind when making the coffee. 

  1. To get the creamy and foamy texture or the perfect consistency of your coffee foam, do not reduce the amount of sugar. You can add more if you want because it is the sugar that gives it the perfect creamy and foamy texture. 
  2. When whipping the coffee, make sure you add hot water. Keep in mind, the water has to be boiling hot or you won’t get the creamy consistency of the Dalgona coffee you wish for. Do not add more water than required. 
  3. Your sugar has to be granulated. Powdered sugar, or simple syrups, or anything else won’t make the foam and would fail your Dalgona recipe. 
  4. For the coffee that is to be used, you might like the taste of a fresh filtered coffee concoction, but only instant coffee is to be used. 

Your Dalgona coffee is ready ! 

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