Coffee Gin Martini - Shaken or Stirred ?

Coffee Gin Martini - Shaken or Stirred ?

The coffee gin martini is an espresso martini recipe that uses gin instead of vodka along with our favorite brew. Though it is touted as an after-dinner cocktail, you can have it any time if you are planning a fun-filled evening. The gin in it will keep your "spirits" high and the coffee will keep your senses alert, so you get the best of both worlds in a single drink. If you are a fan of spiked coffee, then you will fall in love with our espresso martini recipe. And if you are abstaining for some reason, then substitute gin with tonic water, any citrus juice, and a juniper berry to create a kickass coffee mocktail. 


Ingredients for Espresso Martini Recipe for 2


90 ml dry gin of your choice *


A cup of water


4 teaspoons of OK Caramel's instant coffee of your choice # 


50 ml coffee liqueur


10 ml dry vermouth


20 ml of simple sugar syrup or chocolate syrup


1 egg white for a foamy and rich texture +


Orange twist/lemon wedge/chocolate shavings for garnishing


Large ice Cubes


* For a coffee mocktail, substitute gin with tonic water and sweet lime/orange juice, and a crushed juniper berry for the gin flavor.


# We recommend Choco Orange and Very Berry flavors as they complement the drink. 


+ Vegetarians and vegans can substitute egg whites with 3 dashes of orange/chocolate bitters for a foamy espresso martini recipe.


Instructions to Prepare Espresso Martini Recipe


  1. Pour the water into a pan and add 4 teaspoons of OK Caramel instant coffee in it.


  1. Boil it at slow heat until the concoction comes down to 60 ml. Your instant coffee espresso is ready now. 


  1. Allow the espresso to cool. You can also put it in a freezer to hurry the cooling process. 


  1. Pour the espresso, gin, coffee liqueur, syrup, vermouth, and egg white/bitters into a martini shaker without any ice cubes and shake it well for about 15 seconds. We are not adding any ice cubes at first to create a better foamy texture.


  1. Next add 4-5 ice cubes to the shaker and shake it vigorously until the outside of the martini shaker is frosted. 


  1. Now pour this delicious spiked coffee drink into chilled cocktail glasses.


  1. Garnish the prepared gin coffee martini with either an orange twist, a lemon wedge, or a dusting of chocolate shavings. 
  2. You can have this amazing espresso martini recipe on its own. But if you like an accompaniment, then go with a coffee-flavored cake or crunchy and tasty chocolate chip cookies from OK Caramel. 




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