Biscoff Latte

Biscoff Latte

This biscoff latte is a smooth, bittersweet latte made with a combination of sweet, caramelised cookie butter, espresso and foamed milk.



Whether you want to call this drink a Biscoff latte, a Biscoff coffee or a cookie
butter latte there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with it:
• It’s quick and easy to make.
• And, apparently, this drink is right on trend (this is definitely the first time I’ve
been on trend – ever).
• There’s no denying it’s fun – especially for Biscoff fans.
• It’s a sweet, milky coffee drink that offers cosy, comforting vibes.
• And it’s a pleasant change from other sweet drinks such as hot chocolate or
masala chai.


Biscoff spread: go for the smooth variety as it blends seamlessly into the
liquid ingredients in this drink. If you only have the crunchy version available
use that but perhaps sieve the drink into your serving mug to ensure the
drink is silky smooth.

Instant coffee: this Okcaramel Instant Coffee is best made with freshly
brewed espresso coffee. Use around 12-15g of ground espresso per 40ml
You can Buy it Here 

As for the espresso, try to pick one with notes of caramel in the flavor profile,
but don’t get hung-up on this. Really, whatever coffee you generally use will
suffice. And of course, feel free to use a decaffeinated one if desired.

Milk: use only whole (full-fat) milk. It is going to be watered down with the
brewed espresso, so starting off with the richest milk available is the best
way to ensure that your cookie butter latte is as full-bodied and satisfying
as it can be.

1) Biscoff Spread
2) Milk
3) Okcaramel Instant Coffee (Hyperlink)
4) Sugar
5) Warm Water
6) Ice

1) Take a spoonful of biscoff spread in a glass and add a cup of warm milk
and mix it well. (Keep it aside)
2) Take another glass and add Instant Coffee, Sugar, and Water. Whisk (using
a milk foamer or a handheld blender) until the drink is frothy.
3) To the biscoff mix add ice cubes and chilled milk and mix well until
4) Top it up with the foamy coffee mixture.
5) Sprinkle with biscoff cookie crumbs and enjoy!

We find them immensely comforting and they always lift our spirits.
However, when it comes to this easy Biscoff latte, we do prefer it without any
additions. We find the balance of flavor between the robust coffee and the
biscoff treat enough without piling on the cream at the end. It is
shocking but true.

You, however, should feel entirely justified in adding all manner of additional
extras as you see fit. Top the pile of whipped cream with any of the following
• Ground cinnamon.
• Crushed Biscoff cookies.
• Melted Biscoff spread.
• Marshmallows.
It’s your biscoff  latte, so enjoy it your way.


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