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We Were On A Break : A Healthy Approach To Coffee

If you think this is yet another article debating the world-famous Ross and Rachel “on a break - not on a break” breakup, then worry not, because it isn’t. Instead, the break that we’re referring to is the one with coffee. Yes, you read that right. From coffee detoxes to going caffeine-free, several people globally are trying to temporarily distance themselves from their favourite beverage. But why? Is there a need for it? And does it help? Let’s find out the answers to all those questions and more in this article.

We believe in having a work coffee balance, Confused ? Read and find out how we at OkCaramel believe in coffee, work and a balanced coffee diet. 

 Knowing the problem is a part of the cure

Is coffee intake directly proportional to work ? Now, coffee lovers will relate when we say that going a day without coffee is impossible (no exaggerations here). From that first sip in the morning that wakes us to our senses, with the afternoon cup that gets us through the dullest of tasks at work  and till that last espresso shot to pull off an all-nighter for the last minute work submission, coffee continues to have our back. Especially with our current lifestyles with WFH and stressful work pressure, the tendency to reach out for “just 1 more cup” keeps increasing day by day. Hard to imagine a day ( at work/from home ) without coffee, ain't it? 

However, when you begin to grow highly dependent on this magical beverage so much that you constantly crave that caffeine smell and stimulation, feeling almost lethargic and helpless without it, then you may have just gone a tad bit overboard. We all know how excessive coffee consumption can lead to addiction, insomnia, dehydration, increased blood pressure, stained teeth and whatnot! And while going on a break may seem the only way out, it’s not a sustainable solution. Because chances are once the “break” ends, you’re likely to fall back to your old habits.

The Healthy Approach to Drinking Coffee


Have we ever paused to consider that the problem is not with coffee, but perhaps, with us?

Being a coffee lover doesn’t have to equal being a coffee abuser. Healthy coffee consumption is very much possible! But, how does one actually do it? 

Well, for starters, you can start reducing your daily intake. We know, we know. This sounds like super obvious advice - but trust us! Drinking moderate amounts is better any day as opposed to drinking too much. Coffee has many brain-protective compounds and is rich in antioxidants and other active substances. In fact, several experts say that drinking coffee in moderate amounts can reduce risks of Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, and strokes, among other diseases. 

If your sleep has been inconsistent and interrupted, then you must try not to drink coffee later in the day. Avoid refilling your coffee cup after 2 pm as a general rule. Moreover, you can reduce the amount of sugar and avoid low-fat and artificial creamers in your coffee. Instead, try adding cocoa powder, vanilla extract or even cinnamon for extra flavour. Choose a high-quality organic brand for coffee beans that are sans pesticides and chemicals. And lastly, brew coffee using paper filters to get your dose of caffeine in the healthiest way possible.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to know that coffee consumption doesn’t affect us all in the same way. To some, 1 cup of coffee can charge them up for a whole day whereas, for someone else, 8 cups through the day is what seals the deal. But, if you feel jittery and experience anxiety and an increased heart rate, then it’s time to take it slow. This wonderful drink reaps so many benefits, and as stated above, there are ways we CAN benefit even more from it! If you’re consuming too much, then the solution isn’t to go on a break. It’s time to take active steps, work on your relationship with coffee, and consume it more healthily. 

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