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Virtual Coffee Dates : A new take on the trusted date idea!


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We're almost a year and a half into the pandemic now. And while we can write n-number of articles on how COVID-19 has forever changed our lives, we won’t. We can all agree that a lot has been spoken and written about that already. But, if there’s one particular thing that gets left out in most conversations and has yet impacted our lives closely, it's virtual coffee dates.

As the name suggests, coffee dates refer to meeting your dating partner at a coffee shop or a restaurant over coffee. Mostly reserved for first meetings, coffee dates were super popular in the pre-pandemic era. The casual ambience of coffee-houses coupled with the delicious aroma of brewed coffee served as the perfect setting for cutesy first dates. Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, in-person coffee dates now seem like a distant memory. But that hasn't put a stop to dates or coffee consumption.

In the past year, the digital wave washed over us all. From school to work to hobbies - it took everything in its wake. And as everything went virtual, so did dating - leading to the boom of online dating apps in the past year. As cases increased, so did the need for any kind of human interaction. As a result, people began to connect more and more digitally. After a series of text-based conversations on dating apps, the next step was to meet online. This gave rise to the evidently growing trend of virtual dates on platforms like Skype, FaceTime, and, not to forget, everyone’s beloved Zoom. That’s right. When stepping out for coffee and meeting in person was an absolute big NO, the world began to meet virtually. And that’s how the year 2020 gave rise to the exciting phenomenon of virtual coffee dates.

Virtual coffee dates typically involve arranging a video call with your date as you both sit miles apart, unravelling conversations with a cup of coffee in hand. And, when we say that “a lot can happen over coffee” - we mean it. Whether it is reigniting a spark in a long-distance relationship or easing the awkwardness on an adorable first date, these virtual coffees cater to one and all. In fact, this new form of dating became so popular that many dating apps began to include in-app video features to leverage this shift in pattern among users.

One cannot deny that there’s an unspoken yet evident magical aura around virtual dates ( virtual coffee dates ) . Plus, a date where coffee plays the third wheel cannot get any better! You see, virtual coffee dates are witness to some special memories. When you move around in your kitchen preparing your coffee and your date makes conversation through a laptop screen. Or when the two of you exchange your favourite coffee recipes and best-loved brews. Or even when you host a virtual movie night with your date and a cup of warm coffee. Undoubtedly, coffee helps break the ice, fortifies deep bonds, and even gives way to fun conversations and aww-inducing moments.

But that’s not all. Virtual coffee dates may seem all fun and playful from afar but look closer, and you’re likely to find a deeper meaning behind its boom. The advent of the pandemic has brought along a crippling sense of loneliness, especially to those who live alone. With the constant barrage of bad news and unending social media feeds, in-person interactions with people have become so much fewer. During such difficult times, virtual coffee dates swept in like a breath of fresh air, making lives easier for all those it touched. It allows people to relax, share the load of their problems, and ultimately, receive the assurance that they are not alone.

Even today, as restrictions ease, virtual coffee dates continue to be sought after for several reasons. First off, most restaurants and coffee shops still continue to be closed. Even if they are open, there’s always a lurking sense of fear about general hygiene and social distancing at such places. Plus, you’re likely to wear a mask during most parts of the meeting with the constant worry of your date being a potential carrier of the virus. This general sense of hesitancy and fear is not the perfect accompaniment for any excursions, let alone romantic dates.

Moreover, the shift to virtual dating has become a way of life for many. Most have adapted and adjusted so well that they prefer to hold a few coffee dates online before they decide to meet someone in person.

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Until life restores to normal and we’re back to regular dating, let's continue to enjoy our virtual coffee dates over some delicious coffee flavours, shall we?

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