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Small Town Coffee Shops : Coffee Drinking Personified


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Picture this. It’s Sunday morning. You walk into a quaint little coffee shop, mostly empty at this hour. And, seat yourself at your usual table by the window and exchange a warm smile with the owner. You don’t even have to attempt placing an order because they already know what you’ll have. Your coffee is brought to you, you pull out a book to read, and get ready to lose track of time as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee transports you to a quiet, serene place.

 Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is the magic of a small-town coffee shop. 

The Magic of a Small Town Coffee Shop

Coffee culture the world over, including India, has spiked in terms of popularity and importance in recent years. And while metro cities have witnessed this rise with the opening of coffee chains and establishments at every corner, small towns aren’t far behind either. Smaller districts in India are slowly but surely being exposed to the coffee culture.

 But, there’s one thing you should know: small-town coffee > city coffee. 

There, we said it. And here's why.

Visiting an established coffee chain like a Barista or Starbucks goes something like this: You walk in with an ulterior motive - to get your coffee. You rehearse your order as you wait in line, tumbling out the contents in your head to the barista in a robotic manner. Either you pick one for on the go, or if you have somehow managed to make time to catch up with a friend or two, you sit at a table. The coffee shop’s crowded with a general buzz of chatter in the air. 

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 Now don’t get us wrong - we love our city cafes, our regular coffee orders, the quick service, and the convenience they add to our lives. But one can’t deny that there IS something special about small-town coffee shops that is lacking in their city counterparts.

 First off, the vibe is unmatched. We all know city life to be fast-paced with people persistently on the go and almost always in a hurry. The coffee chains, too, are commercial and all business-like. But small towns are a stark contrast to that. Life in smaller towns, especially in India, is much slower in pace. Naturally, this reflects in their coffee shops too. Cafe interiors are warm, welcoming, and relaxing. Nobody is in a hurry to get anywhere. Conversations are slow and quiet, and the overall setting is highly soothing to the mind and soul. 

Moreover, as local coffee shops aren’t too commercial, their customer service is friendly and homely. If you’re a frequent visitor, you're likely to have built up a rapport with the coffee shop owner and the servers. They perhaps know more about you and your life than just your coffee order and even offer special services and discounts in exchange for your customer loyalty. This level of personalization and individual care is truly incomparable.

And let’s not forget the aspect of individuality. Most coffee chain branches have a similar layout, ambiance, and even menu. This means that whether you visit a Starbucks in North India or South, your experience at the cafe is more or less going to be the same. However, cafes in small towns do not have chains or outlets. They are small businesses run by locals, unlike multinational corporations. The experience of visiting a small town coffee shop is entirely unique to that place, along with its ambiance, setting, and choice of coffees offered. No two small-town coffee shops are the same, and that is what makes them even more special!

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Small town or modern metropolitan city, coffee doesn’t discriminate. It offers its arms wide open to anyone and everyone ready to embrace this gloriously scented drink. We may have grown to become accustomed to professionalism, state-of-the-art technology, and standardized systems. However, we must remember that nothing can replace the fascinating impact of a personal touch and local flavor. The next time you’re visiting your native place or holidaying in a small town, make it a point to visit their local coffee shop. Trust us, it’s an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

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