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How to Improve Your Daily Coffee Routine

Are you the one facing a serious case of boredom every day? Does it ever happen to you that you feel exhausted just after you wake up?

Well, my friend, you are not the only one facing this problem and don’t worry, there sure is a solution for it!

Waking up every day, to the same old routine, working out once in a while maybe, going to work, and having a few laughs here and there might start to sound pretty boring now. But there is a way you can overcome that feeling of tiredness!

The secret lies in your morning routine. All you need to do is spruce up your morning routine a little and you will be all fresh to face the day!

No matter how much of an organized person you may be, whatever superpowers you possess, there are only two parts of your day that you can fully, totally and complete control. The start of your day and the end of your day.

You could have all your tasks lined up for the day, but you can’t deny a new task your boss slams on your desk, or other urgent tasks that need more of your attention.

This comes in as a setback, especially when you are set to finally complete your New Year resolutions of engaging in tasks that fulfill your day and bring out the productive side in you. Sure you don’t want to go home thinking all your day has been nothing but setbacks and a sense of failure.

At times like these, coffee is the rescue you are looking at. But only coffee can’t save your day. You need to curate a beautiful morning routing with your coffee on the list. With this, you can kickstart your days with a bang! Tasks hurled at you? You are ready to catch it! Meetings scheduled? You are ready to rock them!

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Here is how you can improve your daily coffee routine to make the most of your days! 


  1. Workout/Meditate/Take a Walk-

One of the most essential parts of your daily routine has to be a nice workout. For those who have just started working out or those who have been doing it for a long time, you know that the best way to get your energy levels up is to work out every morning.

Mornings are a magical time, birds chirping, fresh cold breeze, every little thing about it can just so easily lift your mood and shoo away your sleep. Taking a nice long walk in your society or on the ground near can help you release the toxins and stress. This also keeps you fresh for the day! 


  1. A Nice Cup of Coffee-

After a nice workout session, all you need is a nice cup of coffee. For all those enthusiasts, you can start your day with a nice black coffee, lose the sugar and you are ready to go. And for others who like to keep it simple, you can just brew yourself a nice cup of coffee, just the way you like it. With OkCaramel’s exciting flavors, add a twist to every cup of coffee you make.

While you are making yourself a cuppa joe, go over your closet, mismatch some of your clothes and make a nice outfit for the day. Wouldn’t this make you feel beautiful? 


  1. Read or Write-

If you are a reader, find a self-improvement book for yourself. Read a few pages while you have your cup of coffee. Of course, while your water’s getting hot for a refreshing bath. You don’t want to be late after a blissful morning! Read affirmations, on how to improve yourself while you sip away your coffee. It will also give you something to think about the entire day. How you can manage your work, your stress, and then a smile on your face!

And if you are a fan of journaling, or vision boards, take a piece of paper and write down all you want to accomplish. Here is a smart trick. While writing that down, write that down in the present tense, i.e.- I buy XYZ mobile phone in the next month, or I lose XYZ kilos by the next 3 months. And then set a timeline for each of those things. Positive thoughts work wonders!

Not too shabby for a beautiful morning routine, right? 

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