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Going for a Workout? Have a Coffee First!

Have you ever been that intense workout enthusiast or someone who is ruled by the routine and workout is a major part of it? Well, then you know how you feel after a great workout. The toxins releasing from your body, and freeing your mind of everything that’s worrying you. Or simply sweating it out to your favorite tracks, a workout can be really fun once you get the hang of it.

You must have seen many “gym-freaks”, as the name has it, gulping down a cup of coffee before they hit the gym. Or just any person with a passion for fitness chooses black coffee, or coffee without sugar instead of tea or any other beverage.

Are all gym freaks such great coffee lovers?

Well, they might just be. Because what better to drink than a strong cup of coffee before you start your workout? As you all know, caffeine is the chemical that gets you high on energy. Have one too many cups of coffee in a day, and you might catch yourself running everywhere.

Coffee gives your body an energy boost and allows your brain and physics to increase their function and performance. As we all know, coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant, and one which gives you that perfect pre-workout energy.

It is said to enhance your physical performance. So no lazy days when you join a gym now! Just have a cup of your favorite coffee and you are all set to go work your heart out. Secondly, caffeine is also said to potentially increase the amount of fat that you burn. But it is all related to a person’s metabolism and how often they workout. But since you are energized for your workouts, you might just surprise your trainer with an extra set here or a few more minutes on the treadmill. And it all eventually leads down to more burning of the fat.

Caffeine is also said to improve your speed. Olympic athletes, swimmers, and cyclists generally need a percent of boost in their average speeds, which can greatly affect their rankings. A study in 2017 found out that caffeine significantly improves the speed of your workouts, that last anywhere from 45 seconds to 8 minutes. So if you wish to speed through your workout-sesh, and build more muscle, you might just want to have a coffee before.


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You might now start to think that so much workout and so much muscle to build will only get you exhausted and result in a very expected holiday to the gym the very next day. And this is where you are plain wrong.

Coffee before a workout can actually reduce your muscle pain and stiffness. A study has also found that people who had a coffee before a workout were able to complete more reps of the bicep and curls in every set.

Have you all also experienced that feeling when you have an exam the next day and you decide to pull an all-nighter? Well, there’s no introduction to your late-night best friend on those days- a steaming mug of coffee!

You might have just heard it somewhere and tried it on, but the fact is you do study well after a cup of coffee. It is simply because caffeine also increases your cognitive abilities. Coffee or caffeine has a great influence on your cognitive performance and improves your functions of alertness, concentration, energy levels, and fatigue.

So they say! Toppers and fitness freaks have the best coffee collections!

There is no denying the fact that coffee and workouts go like Netflix and Chill. But before you drown in many cups of coffee, know your body well and what works with it.

And to be true, coffee before a workout, coffee after a workout, any time is the best time to sit down and have a delicious cup of coffee, especially crafted by OkCaramel

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