Best Coffee Moktails with the OkCaramel's Instant Coffee

Coffee Mocktails You Must Try!

Wondering what you are going to serve to your friends the next time you invite them over for a house party?
The part is tricky if they don’t touch alcohol. Serving them simple cold
drinks feels pretty bad right? Don’t worry! We have you covered. With these simple but amazing coffee mocktails, your friends are going to want to come over again and again!

Designed for those designated coffee lovers, you sure are to get a nice refreshing kick out of these mocktails. With these simple recipes, try out for yourselves.

C&T- The Coffee’s Fizzy Big Brother

Created by the Swedish roaster Koppi, who has been serving Kaffee Tonic on their menus for many years now, this is a mocktails that is super-refreshing and gives you the perfect caffeinated kick you want! Give this original a twist with OkCaramel’s French Vanilla flavoured coffee. The vanilla and the lemon go perfect with each other and taste heavenly!


1.  OkCaramel’s French Vanilla coffee decoction.
2.  Tonic Water- use Club Soda if not available
3.  1 lemon
4.  Ice

How to Make C&T?

Take a large glass, your favorite mocktail glass or if you have, then a gin glass. To this add plenty of ice and then add a generous helping of tonic water or club soda.
Fill the glass three-quarters full with this.

Brew a fresh concoction of vanilla espresso with OkCaramel’s French Vanilla flavoured coffee and pour that on top of the tonic and ice.

Garnish it with a fresh slice of lemon.

Just stir and drink!

The perfect mocktail for a refreshing afternoon is ready, just like that!
Coffee Soda

To make this coffee soda the perfect drink for any occasion, one simple trick will do it all.

Make a quick coffee syrup beforehand, the one that will add the perfect level of sweetness when you mix with club soda or sparkling water. For this you can use any of your favorite flavours from OkCaramel’s range of coffee’s and brew a refreshing coffee mocktail.

Tip- Use Vanilla flavoured instant coffee to make the drink creamier and more delicious!
1.  1 cup of Ok Caramel’s fresh Vanilla coffee
2. ½ cup sugar
3.  Sparkling water or club soda
4.  1 lemon
5.  Ice

How to Make Coffee Soda?

The first and the most important step of making the coffee soda is to make your coffee syrup.
For this, take your favorite flavour of coffee, preferably Vanilla to a small pan. Fill half of the cup with sugar and pour it into the pan with coffee.
Heat this mixture in the pan till it’s reduced by half and forms a thick nice syrup.
Take a tall glass and pour a good drizzle of that syrup and add crushed ice to it.
To crush theice, simply put ice cubes in a bag and beat it until crushed.

Top this mixture with a lot of sparkling water or club soda and squeeze a lemon to add a refreshing twist!

Stir up and enjoy this mocktail on a bright sunny day!
Irish Cream White Russian

When post-dinner sweet cravings hit, there can not be any better drink that the Irish Cream
White Russian. A beautiful cross between the White Russian and a thick creamy milkshake,
it really gets hard to stop at just one.

1. 1 Cup of freshly made OkCaramel’s any Flavour Cream Coffee
2.  ½ cup of sugar
3.  A couple of pieces of milk or dark chocolate
4.  Ice

How to Make Irish Cream White Russian?

Similar to the coffee soda recipe, you will have to make a coffee syrup first. Add a cup of freshly made cream coffee to a small pan. Fill half the cup with sugar and add it to the pan.
Heat the mixture until it is reduced to a nice thick syrup-y mixture.
Take a tall glass or a tumbler and fill that with ice. Top this glass with the freshly made mixture of coffee syrup.

Grate your choice of chocolate on the top.
To add a little twist, grate some lemon or orangezest and you are ready to serve!
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