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Become Your Own Barista: Here’s All the Coffee Gear You Need

For anyone with hectic work schedules, and of course coffee lovers, one of their most favorite parts of the day is logging out of their work, going to a nearby coffee shop and having a nicely brewed cup of coffee! 
But let’s face it, it is not every time that you can go over to a coffee shop and indulge in a beautiful cup of coffee. Sometimes, it is also about budgeting. No need to worry though! With some of these basic instruments, you can now easily become your own barista and brew your own cup of coffee-
just the way you like it! 
Different Coffee Grounds
If you are someone who enjoys different flavours of coffee, then you should probably skip buying the coffee beans and a grinder and simply look forward to buying different coffee grounds. You can get a variety of flavours of coffee from Ok Caramel’s delicious range of coffee. From berry blast to French Vanilla, try out different flavours of coffee every time! 
Pro Tip
Don’t use coffee grounds that are meant for a French press and not a regular coffee pot. 
All the latte squad, where you at? Most of the people devour a nice cup of latte than most other types of coffee. And if you are one of those, just stop spending all that money on Cappuccinos and Latte’s at nearby coffee shops. This is probably the cheapest way you can treat yourself to a cup of latte- frother!
If you hunt long enough for a really good quality frother, you can enjoy yourself a delightful cup of latte for every day! 
Your Favourite Syrup
One secret your barista will never tell you is their collection of syrups. Ever wondered where the delicious mix of flavours comes from? Now you know it! It is all in the syrup. You don’t need to have a rack full of syrups in your kitchen to feel like a barista, you can always start with one. Go to a supermarket and buy yourself a syrup that compliments all the different flavours of coffee you have. Start by looking up for recipes and make a coffee for yourself! 
Coffee Scoop
Coffee scoop is one of the handiest products you can have in your kitchen. Easy to measure coffee, or your tea or any time you are baking something, coffee scoops will help you more than anything. Make sure to add this to your list of Be Your Own Barista! 
Now that you have all the necessary things to become your own barista, here is a quick recipe you can try for yourself. 
How to Make Cold Brew?
Ah! A hot summer’s day and you are out for some very important work you have to finish. But nothing can comfort you like a beautiful cold brew with your favourite music on! Here is how you make it and enjoy on a scorching hot day. 
To make a cold brew you need to start with grinding your own coffee beans in a jar. But no worries, if you are using ground coffee, just measure it with your coffee scoop, and put it in a jar. To this, add some cold water and keep the jar sealed in your refrigerator for about 20 to 24 hours. 
After a day in the refrigerator, take it out and strain your coffee to another jar. The easiest way to strain your coffee is to pour your coffee over a piece of cheesecloth, or if you have, strain it with the coffee strainer. Straining is an important process, as once you strain it you won’t have any coffee grounds ruining your beautiful coffee experience. 
If you are a fan of the super-strong coffee, you can drink it as it is. Or if you want something a little light, just add some more cold water,
or even cold milk and some ice. 


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