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Monday usually never starts on a Monday. It generally starts on Sunday. Yes, it does sound funny. But here is the fact. You wake up on a Sunday morning, all ready to hit the road, sit in and relax, or complete your pending works. And all seems just fine, until it’s afternoon and you decide to take a nap. You watch a movie or start a new series instead, but as the clock runs and it is almost 6 in the evening, Monday hits you. 

Why do all the life choices we have ever made hit us on a Monday? Is it something without which a Monday can never just be? You could have a great Sunday evening, meeting your family and friends after a long tiring week of work, and not mention, even more, difficult than ever life decisions.

You could pass the whole week without noticing anything, like the fact that you are gonna be broke for the next week, or you haven’t gone for a solo trip in the longest time, and everything will come and hit you right in the face, only on a Monday. And then every little thing becomes the most annoying thing. The Signal’s red, “Why did it have to be red just right now?”, you woke up three minutes late, “God!, the whole day is now down the drain!”.

Every Monday ever just feels like Satan down on earth just to show you what it is like in hell.

You somehow show up in the office, in a hangover of all the good times of a Sunday. But you open the office door and it is already all blue. A cold wave passes through you as if a ghost is haunting you. 

“Them Monday blues”, you whisper to yourself. 

So what do you do on those bluest of Mondays? The answer is simple. You make yourself some hot coffee

Isn’t it just fascinating though? The fact that all the worries seem to vanish for all the other days of the week. It’s a Tuesday, you have some deadlines, it’s a Wednesday, Oh! You have planned lunch, and Friday has you all in your weekend face! It’s fascinating how short-lived our worries can be. All packed up in a sweet box and presented only on a Monday.

It’s no wonder people fear Mondays. Who would love to face a bunch of problems and worries, all on just one day of the week? Surely, no one wakes up all excited to face all their problems and worries. And maybe, that is the reason why Mondays are so tiring! They aren’t over-rated; we just over-think it at times.

With a range of Coffee at OkCaramel, you can choose your favorite flavor from them all and shoo away your Monday blues. Here is how! 

After a forcefully beautiful day at your office, or logging off from work if it is a work from home situation, you can simply brew yourself a hot cuppa joe, take out that book from your shelf that you have been staring at for a long time now, sit by the window and lose yourself in the world of a brand new book! 

Or better, call over some friends, who have all been fighting a serious case of Monday blues, make everyone a beautiful Cup of Coffee and get down for a nice gossip session. 

And while doing all this, make sure your doors and windows are wide open. And then after a while, look up from the book you have been reading, or look around if you have friends over, and you will see your Monday blues going out the windows. And there you are, ready for the next day! All charged up and refreshed. 

Happy Monday, to everyone reading this on their mobile screens, as a break from this long Monday.



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