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2 Friends, Black Coffee and a Fun Evening!

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As it was for the two friends, Ankita and Gautami, both were the best of friends. And as it happened, both were great coffee lovers. How they became friends was a story of great odds! Gautami was the trouble maker and had found a job in this office, where Ankita was her senior. What connected them was this long chain of events that Ankita helped Gautami with. And they became fast friends! 
To break the ice, or to know more about this “particular event”, and bestow some worldly knowledge to Gautami, Ankita took her to her favourite café nearby. And it was there that they found out that their love for black coffee was the underlying secret to their great friendship. 
Now, one fine day, the ever-adventurous Gautami brewed a plan, a fun one to make the 8 hours of office some fun. Alcohol, was out of bounds, of course. Gautami thought and thought and placed a cup of black coffee on Ankita’s desk. Ankita sipped it with great joy, after all, she needed that cup of coffee after a hectic first half of work. 
As she finished her cup of coffee, Gautami placed another one. It was all going great, until they went out for a smoke break. With their hearts racing already, they gossiped over a nice smoke and as mechanically as it went, both took another cup of black coffee with them inside. With three cups of coffee already gulped down, Gautami and Ankita’s eyes were as wide as an owl’s at night. 
The boss came over to dump some more work, and with their jittery selves, both quickly turned to their laptops and were typing at a speed that would beat a robot. They knew nothing what made them finish the work so fast, maybe, they thought it was all the irritation and frustration of some more work. Both gave each other a look and went to the coffee machine for another round of adrenaline! 
Half-way to their fourth cup of coffee, both were now practically running. Stomping their legs to get the energy out, typing senseless words and trying to make some sense. 
“Dude, I can’t finish this post”, Ankita
“I know right, something is not fitting right, the words don’t make sense”, Gautami
“Maybe some coffee would help!”, Ankita
And as quickly as they could, finished the fourth cup of coffee on their desks and went out for a fresh, hot, steaming cup of coffee again. 
Gautami’s plan had worked just right! Their tired selves were shooing away all their tiredness with cups of coffee, and without any other trigger, both were high on the caffeine rush. Probably this was what made them go to the coffee machines so frequently. 
“Again!! Maybe you should get your desks here, near the coffee machine!”, said their boss. 
Both just laughed and went on to get their coffees. 
“What does he even mean by that!”, Ankita
“It’s okay dude! He thinks we’re not working”, Gautami
“I think that too!”, Ankita 
Laughing their hearts out, Ankita and Gautami now had their fifth cup of coffee in their hands and decided to re-route a little and go out for a smoke break. Maybe a little break would help finish their work. But alas! 
What happened in the smoke gallery was something that made no sense. Hearts racing, adrenaline high and every thought just haywire, Gautami and Ankita had a blast of a time there. Talking to strangers, laughing at the smallest of things, not just chuckles or giggles, but serious uncontrollable laughter. 
This is what black coffee does to you. It gets you high on everything and you have the time of your lives without even you knowing about it. It was such a day for Ankita and Gautami, where they needed one such kind of a break, that didn’t seem like one! 
The next day was full of laughter too. Both went to the coffee machine, but returned with two cups of hot water! Black coffee now came with a warning for them and it was reserved for one of those days when they needed a high-break! 
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